To better serve our patients and referring physician offices, Lancaster Orthopedic Group uses a centralized scheduling process. Our centralized scheduling staff has access to all of our providers’ appointment schedules at all 4 of our office locations. They are specially trained to determine which of our specialists is most appropriate to treat the patient’s condition as well as other factors including the urgency of the issue.

You may call to schedule an appointment between 8:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. To request an appointment, click here, or to schedule an appointment online, visit this page.

Our scheduling personnel will need your address, phone number, insurance type (Health/Auto/Work Comp) and ID or claim number and the nature of your problem. If you have had x-rays or an MRI, please get it to our office in advance on a disc or bring it along with you.

Please specify which location you prefer. We will schedule your appointment at the earliest time convenient for both you and your physician. Your initial office visit will include a comprehensive evaluation of your condition, including x-rays and lab tests when indicated.

We ask that you bring along all relevant x-rays and test results, along with a list of your current medications and any pertinent insurance cards or information.

There is a difference in the way patients with degenerative issues and patients with urgent issues (fractures/acute injuries) are handled. At LOG, we treat our acute-care patients on a first-come, first-served basis. While every attempt will be made to see you as quickly as possible, service times will be based on the number of people seeking care as well as the seriousness of their condition.

If you have any questions regarding your scheduled appointment, or if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call our centralized scheduling department at 717-560-4200 (toll free 1-866-LOG-1000) and follow the prompts for physician scheduling.


* Please be advised that we only allow service animals in our facilities.

** Firearms are prohibited inside of our facilities.