About Us

Lancaster Orthopedic Group was started in 1985 by Dr. Wayne Conrad and Dr. J. Paul Lyet. With just two doctors and two employees in a small office in downtown Lancaster, adjacent to what is now the Clipper Stadium, the group was born. Over 25 years later, Dr’s. Conrad and Lyet are still with the practice. In 1992, the practice moved its Lancaster office to its current location on Granite Run Drive. Housed in this 25,800 square foot facility are clinical offices, administrative and billing departments and a physical and occupational therapy facility that handles more than 26,000 visits annually.

The group expanded in 2002 to add a 9,000 square foot facility at the Ephrata Health Pavilion and again in 2008 to include a new 15,800 square foot full-service facility in Mount Joy.

In 2011, Orthopedic Consultants, along with their Physicians, Mid-level Providers, and Physical Therapists became part of LOG. OC’s existing facilities continue to provide services under the LOG umbrella, expanding a vision of high quality orthopedic care and in-house Physical Therapy services at 5 locations throughout Lancaster County. LOG was pleased to welcome Dr.’s Raymond Dragann, Thomas Renz, and Marc Oliveri to the team of physicians after providing patients with orthopedic care at Orthopedic Consultants (established in 1978) since 1984, 1993, and 1996, respectively.

The group has now grown to 17 physicians and over 160 employees to include mid-level providers, nurses, orthopedic technologists, radiologic technologists, physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapists (including certified hand therapists), administrative staff and various other healthcare professionals.

Despite the tremendous growth, the physicians at Lancaster Orthopedic Group continue to remain focused in their chosen sub-specialty or area of focus, providing a technically and personally superior experience for each and every patient in our facilities.